2Pacalypse Now, "If My Homie Calls" is my fav. Watched the movie "All Eyez on Me" the other day.  I think actors did good job but I couldn't be satisfied with the story and direction… ending tune "Only God Can Judge Me" feat. Rappin 4-tay made my day, though (love 4-tay's flow). Reminisced about my early 20s. 2Pacの伝記的映画「All Eyez on Me」鑑賞。演者さんたちはなかなかやってたと思うけれど、描き方がちょっと物足りなかったなぁ。エンディングの「Only God Can Judge Me」、4-Tayの声(彼のフロー最高)と共になんか懐かしくて、20代前半を思い出したり。 #2pac #albumoftheday #2pacalypsenow from Instagram
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